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ASUS Zephyrus Gaming Notebook (Thumbnail)

Testing NVIDIA’s WhisperMode On ASUS’ Zephyrus Gaming Notebook

by Rob Williams on October 18, 2017 in Systems

Are you tired of your family and friends telling you to GTFO because your notebook sounds like a blender? NVIDIA’s WhisperMode comes to the rescue. With promises of dramatically reduced noise in exchange for fixed framerates, WhisperMode-equipped notebooks, like the ASUS Zephyrus, can remain beautiful and thin – while being gaming powerhouses. Let’s dig in.

NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2017 Feature Image

Game, Stream & Automate Your Home From A Set-top Box: A Look At NVIDIA’s SHIELD (2017)

by Greg King on March 21, 2017 in Gaming, Peripherals, Systems

NVIDIA’s first generation SHIELD Android TV released only a couple of years ago, but a lot has changed in that short amount of time. Home automation and streaming technologies have taken off, and NVIDIA looks to address them with this second iteration. As an added bonus, everything else gets a good polish, making this a crazy attractive set-top streamer.

CyberPowerPC GUA2400BST AMD VR Gaming PC

A Look At CyberPowerPC’s GUA2400BST AMD VR Gaming PC

by Rob Williams on February 19, 2017 in Systems

Can an affordable AMD-powered PC handle VR? With CyberPowerPC’s help, we find out that the answer is “yes”. Despite being priced at $700 USD, this PC looks anything but budget. It sports a beautiful Phantek’s chassis, glows with RGB lighting, and even includes a mouse and keyboard. Did we mention it can also handle VR?

Eurocom Sky M5 R2 Gaming Notebook

The Sky’s The Limit? Eurocom Sky M5 R2 Gaming Notebook Review

by Rob Williams on December 29, 2016 in Systems

Achieving excellent 1080p gaming on a modestly-sized notebook for relatively cheap has long been a difficult proposition, but Eurocom’s Sky M5 R2 is up for the challenge. This $1,399 notebook comes packed with NVIDIA’s GTX 1060 and Intel’s i7-6700HQ – not just enough for 1080p, but good for 1440p to boot. Let’s dive in!

Cyber Monday Deals 2016

Mid-Range Gaming PC Build Guide 2016

by Jamie Fletcher on December 9, 2016 in Gaming, Systems

Looking to put together a decent gaming rig? This build guide will help you get started, and throw some advice on how to plan for future upgrades. While the focus here is on 1080p in modern titles, this rig will handle 1440p with a large number of titles, plus 100 FPS+ with popular eSports titles like Overwatch and CS: GO.

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